While we will start PHASE 2 on September 19, 2020, we will continue stream the services through our new platform.


Due to the recent updated given by Gov. Phil Murphy, we are able to get back to worship in our building. BUT WAIT... The guidelines are still limiting the indoor amount of people participating. Therefore, we have created some adaptation of the instructions given but the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


PHASE 1 Attendance limited to those participating in the services. (Max 15ppl)
PHASE 2 Attendance open to 15 people (even if they are not leading a section of the service) but limiting interaction, keeping social distance, and following guidelines.
PHASE 3 Full house capacity but limiting interaction, keeping social distance, and following guidelines. 




These are the locally adopted guidelines:

a. Only people who explicitly express their willing to attend in person meeting will be allowed in the building (this person must be feeling healthy and must have contacted one of the elders, the pastor or have filled out the form at the bottom of this page).

b. Max of 15 people in the building (including people participating and immediate family).

c. Masks will be required all the time (wore properly, this means covering mouth and nose).

d. Keeping social distancing (at least 6ft. apart).

e. No physical contact with other people.

f. Seat only in non-marked chairs.

g. Restroom use limited to emergencies (restroom must be sanitized after each use).




*Wait until an Elder contacts you and tells you to come.